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You are capable of more than you think! Zaķumuiža water releases your true potential. Water is a miracle of nature that allows the human mind and body to do what it is truly capable of.


Water brings fulfillment and well-being


Water cleanses and restores the body

- Natural water, extracted from the depths of the earth

- Slightly alkaline with a pH generator of 8. The water can be used in unlimited quantities by both adults and children

- It has a low content of mineral salts with a dry residue amount of 210 mg/l

- Suitable for use in low sodium diets

- It will give a pleasant taste and refreshment

pH 8

We care about your well-being! The taste of a good life is to live with value. There are no right or wrong formulas for living better, greener, more correct or more meaningful lives. Our main values are human well-being, health, production of consistently high-quality products and care for nature. We are about experiencing quality moments and enjoying perfect flavors.

Zaķumuiža water Sports mineral water bottle is easy to hold! Its cap is handy for drinking water on the go, doing sports, and relaxing! The bottle volume of 0.765 L is optimal - it is not too small and not too big!

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